OneTo11 Ludo Leader FAQs

LUDO Game Play

Skipping three times in a game makes you leave the table. Your rank will be calculated based on the order in which you left the game and any awards applicable for that rank will be given to you.

Your rank will be calculated based on the order in which you left the game and any awards applicable for that rank will be given to you.

You can’t unregister a game. You can join the game before 3 chance skips and if you don’t you are made to leave the game and your rank will be calculated based on the order in which you leave the game.

To join Online Tournaments, players can use mentioned bonus in entry fee from Bonus money.

No! Players may only play one game at a time. If you have registered for more than one game, you will not be assigned a seat on the 2nd table if the 2nd game starts while you were playing the first table. You will not be refunded for this either.

All the tokens will be in the open position initially

Token get’s cut, token returns to its start position

The highest scorer in the game will win

1 box move = 1 score

The score of that token will be double

The player position would be decided basis on their respective scores.

Player’s have 15 seconds to move the token

You will be out of the game after 3 skips

Token will not be but if 2 tokens of the same player stay in the same box

We give equal chance to throw dice to all players of the game if time is over

1. Getting a six on dice
2. Token reaching home
3. Eliminating opponents token


Registered user

Who has successfully verified the mobile number on OneTo11 is called a registered user on OneTo11.

Delete or Blocked user

OneTo11 holds all the rights to block a user account, refraining the user from further playing or availing the services offered by OneTo11, if any user is found or suspected of carrying out or encouraging any suspicious activity, by the auditing team of OneTo11.

Android / IOS

Operating System

Yes, OneTo11 is available on iTunes for IOS users. Click here to download

Operating System

Yes, android version of OneTo11 is available for android users. Click here to download

Not working

Please create a video and share it with us at with a mobile name and model name.

App update


Based on the user's feedback, we are updating the app features and adding new features from time to time. Update the app to experience new and updated features of the application

Bank account

Number of bank accounts

No, only single Bank account allowed


Every bank branch has a unique IFSC code to identify the bank name and branch address. In an IFSC code, the first 4 digits of the IFSC represent the bank and the last 6 characters represent the branch. The 5th character is zero.

Bank withdrawal

Minimum withdrawal limit

INR 50 is the minimum withdrawal amount


Bank transfer will take 3-4 working days to transfer from OneTo11 wallet to your Bank account

Request failed

The reason is mentioned in your transaction history. Go to the transaction details screen check the reason.

Maximum withdrawal limit

Yes, 1 withdrawal request per day is the limit

Deposited withdrawal amount

You can use Deposited amount to join any paid contest only.

Change Phone

Change Phone

Logout from current mobile phone and login in a new mobile phone using registered mobile and OTP



The amount that is required to join the contest

Winning Prize

Total Winning is the sum of the total prize which will distribute to the winners based on the predefined leaderboard Rank/Points earned in the contest

Refund Joining Fees

Joining fees will be refunded if the opponent not found for you in the game. The maximum waiting time for your opponent searching is 15 minutes. After 15 minutes we will refund the joining fees if in case we failed to find an opponent for you.

Delete account

Delete account

Just uninstall the application from your mobile device



You can give feedback on iTunes. Or You can rate us: Go to More, select support and Email Us

Invite Code

Invite Code

The private contest has a unique invite code. The private contest can join using Invite code only. Without invite code, no one can join the private contest.



Go to the more menu and go down. There is a button to logout

Mobile Number

Change mobile number

Sorry, you cant change the mobile number in OneTo11

My Balance

Wallet Balance

Wallet balance is the sum of Referral Income, Network Commission, Winning Prize and Bonus Amount

Withdrawal wallet balance

No, the deposit amount is for use to join contest only

Deposited Money

The unused deposited money will be transfer in source account without any compensation after 335 days from the credit date

Winning Prize

Unused the winning prize will be transferred in a registered bank account without any compensation after 335 days of credit if it's greater than the minimum withdrawal amount

Network Commission

Unused network commission will be transfer in a registered bank account without any compensation after 335 days of credit if it's greater than the minimum withdrawal amount



11 levels are allowed in the network levels

Member limit on network levels

No, there is no limit on adding members on any level up to 11 levels

Network commission

Network commission will be distributed to the members on every next day 10 AM

Paid Contest

Paid Contest

The contest where joining fees are mandatory called paid contest. Participant gets prize based on the rank on the leaderboard

Pan Card

Pan for withdrawal

As per the government rules, PAN details are required where money transaction is involved in the services.


PAN card details verification is a manual process and it will take 24 to 48 hours.


There are mainly 3 reasons for PAN card rejection 1. PAN card image is not clear 2. PAN number is already exist 3. Name on Bank and PAN not matched


Payment confirmation

If the payment is deducted from your account, and still not received any confirmation, then don’t worry. Soon you will receive the confirmation, or the deducted amount will be refunded in your wallet soon.

Practice contest

Practice contest

If you need to hone your skills, join a Practice Contest for free. Once you are confident in your skills, you can join the Cash Contest.



There is no limit to refer people, you can refer OneTo11 to as many people as you wish. People who enter your refer code will be added to Level 1

Refer Code

Refer code is mandatory for registration on OneTo11. In case you do not have any referral code, you can use ONETO11



1. Click on Register option on the first screen 2. Enter your mobile number which you wants to register on OneTo11 3. Enter your full name 4. Enter your friends refer code 5. Click on Next button You will receive the OTP on the same mobile number, verify your mobile number by entering OTP


1. Click on Login option on the first screen 2. Enter your registered mobile number 3. Enter OTP which you receive on the same mobile number and click on Submit button

Transaction charges

Transaction charges

Bank transfer will be FREE. In the Instant transfer, banks charged Rs. 5 + 18% GST upto 25000 and Rs.10+18% GST after 25000. Happy Earning


Doesn't receive

Please wait 1 or 5 minutes, many times it takes time to get OTP due to weak network.

Not able to regenerate OTP

You have reached maximum attempts for OTP per day, you can try after 24 hours again.

OTP Validity

30 minute is the validity of OTP


Welcome bonus

Every registered user will get this 100 Rs. welcome bonus which is non withdrawable. You can use this bonus in contest joining only where contest offered to use Bonus in the contest joining fees.


Banned states

OneTo11 is not available in Andhra, Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Nagaland and Sikkim. Please don't join OneTo11 if you are from mentioned 6 states


Winning amount

Winning amount is the money which you win in the paid contests


Network commission

When you refr OneTo11 to your friends and hey join OneTo11 using your refer code and they join any paid contest on OneTo11, you will get some percentage from the total joining fees from your referral network


Active member

The member who has joined any paid contest, called Active for the day when he/she joined the paid contest.

Referral Income

For example if your 100 friends joined OneTo11 using your referral code and onnly 10 can join the paid contest, you will get a referral income for your all 100 friends. This referral income will be distributed upto 11 levels and this amount is Rs11 for the 30 days per member.

Expected monthly income is the amount which you will earn in the complete month if the same number of members get active for the whole month

Share OneTo11 to your friends and ask them to join OneTo11 using your refer code

Referral income will be distributed to the members on every next day 10 AM


Earn network commission

Share OneTo11 to your friends and ask them to join OneTo11 using your refer code

Withdraw network commission

YES, network commission is the withdrawable amount

TDS Charges

We will charge TDS as per the government rules

We will charge 31.2% TDS on the winning amount if the single winning amount is more than Rs 10000/-

We will charge TDS as per the normal government rates.



We will show top earners on the leaderboard

Bank account

Change bank account

You can contact us through our support section, drop us a mail at But if you withdraw once, you can change only bank account number, not bank account holder name.

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